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Thruster Package System

Products & Solution
Thruster Package System is a product that packaged all configurations of thruster motors. Thruster is a type of propeller-shaped system fitted either on the bow (forward part) or stern (rear part) of the ship. Thrusters help in assisting tugboats in berthing the ship to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money by reducing the time spent at the ports. In addition, a GPS-based dynamic position maintenance system (DP) can be used to maintain the vessel position accurately in situation such as docking at the plant for various uses.

We offer…

  • Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Drive Interface Panel (DIP)
  • Switchboard
  • Generator
  • Motor
  • Phase Shift Transformer
  • System Engineering
  • Commissioning





Working Principle 

The thruster is mounted under the bow and stern of the ship. Types of the thrusters are “Tunnel” open on both sides, “Bow” for bow steering and “Stern” for stern steering, and “Azimuth” for vertical rotation.

Each thruster is controlled with a VFD which enables precise steering with a smaller energy requirement than the main thruster. Precise thruster speed control improves precision when turning and positioning ships.

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