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System Integrator

About C&A

What is a System Integrator?

System Integrator is a company which provides:

1. Selecting equipment fit for the system.

2. Analysis of the system.

3. Commissioning of the system.

4. A/S for the system.

C&A's scope in System Integration

MV / LV Motor Generator Switch Boards-MSBD
Active Harmonic Filter
Battery Charger & UPS Tranformer MV / LV Soft starter MV / LV Drive

Major Performance

C&A Electric is the leading Marine Drive System engineering integrator in South Korea with over 300 vessel references

Major Performance Record

Years Vessel
Maran VLCC / H5441 ~ H5443, H5449 ~ H5452
2016 ~ 2017
Japan Nagasaki Shipyard / H2321, H2322, H2323, H2324, H2325, H2326, H2327, H2332
Conro / H8205, H8206
2016 ~ 2017
Maersk Apmoller Container Ship / HN4302 ~ HN4312
Kogas LNG Carrier / H2449, H2450, H2451, H2452

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