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Shaft Generator Motor System

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Shaft Generator Motor System

produces electric power from the main engine shaft of the vessel.
By utilizing the Variable Frequency Drive connected to the Shaft Generator, the system can provide number of different useful functions to the vessel.

  1. Providing stable electric power to the vessel’s main grid despite of varying RPM of the main engine shaft.
  2. Compensating Power Factor of the vessel’s main grid independent of M/E status.
  3. Utilizing D/Gs on the main grid to boost the power of the main engine shaft.
C&A Electric’s
Shaft Generator is jointly developed with DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering), the World Leading Shipyard and Hyosung Heavy Industries, the best generator manufacturer in Korea.
c&a electric SGM system package configuration

Why use Shaft Generator Motor System ?

Since environmental legislations have been pressing the shipowners to minimize CO2 emission and increase efficiency, Shaft Generator is now the game changer. Once regarded as cost ineffective solution, Shaft Generator combined with Variable Frequency Converter and top tier vessel engineering can achieve efficiency level never seen before. The system provides flexibility to the vessel grid and propulsion power allowing the operator to easily handle different situations that one may face while operating the vessel.

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