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Heavy Duty – Soft Starter
8-3000A, 220-1,200V

The RVS-DN is a heavy duty, advanced, reliable Soft Starter designed to start the most demanding applications and operate under severe conditions, such as those in Marine and Mining installations. Advanced features such as pump control, slow speed, and electronic reverse and enhanced motor protection make it one of the best and most popular soft starters in the industry.






c&a electric MVLV-Softstarter_Low-Voltage_RVS-DN-30-7-14

Soft Start and Soft Stop Functions

  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Soft, stepless acceleration & deceleration
  • Current limiting
  • Torque & current control – for optimized acceleration and deceleration
  • Pump control program
  • Dual adjustment – two start/stop characteristics
  • Slow speed with electronic reverse
  • Pulse start


  • Robust construction
  • Highly advanced starting & stopping characteristics
  • User friendly set up and operation
  • User friendly set up and operation
  • Ambient operating temperature: up to 60°C
  • Motor insulation tester
  • Communication: Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet
  • Thermistor input
  • Analog output
  • 45-65Hz Auto-tracking frequency range
  • Can be operated without bypass contactor at 50°C up to 820A
  • Designed to meet Marine Industry standards up to 3000A


8-3000A, 220-690V

ModelRated Current(A)Motor kW 400vUnit Dimensions (mm)Weight
RVS-DN 8841533101704.5
RVS-DN 17177.5
RVS-DN 3131156.8
RVS-DN 4444221533102177.5
RVS-DN 585830
RVS-DN 727237
RVS-DN 85854527438523815
RVS-DN 10510555
RVS-DN 14514575
RVS-DN 17017090
RVS-DN 21021011038045529231
RVS-DN 310310160
RVS-DN 390390200
RVS-DN 46046025038055529265
RVS-DN 58058031547064030265
RVS-DN 82082045047071030265
RVS-DN 95095052562366029065
RVS-DN 110011006307231100370170
RVS-DN 14001400800
RVS-DN 18001800950
RVS-DN 2150215012507501300392235
RVS-DN 2400240013509001300410350
RVS-DN 270027001750

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